About Us

The Quran is a living miracle. It is affixed with the signature of its author, the God Almighty with its various scientific, sociological and humanitarian ideas. It covers laws relating to nature: physical, chemical, cosmological and biological; both at micro and macro levels.

The spirituality of the Quran is interconnected with scientific notions of history of Divine Religions, astronomical advances, evolution of stars, time and space concepts of the cosmos, anthropic cosmological principle, Gaia theory, quantum mechanics, chaos theory, basic four forces, Big Bang Theory, Big Crunch, Black Hole, string theory, dark matter, dark energy, embryology, life cycle, rain, climate, water cycle, evolution theory, phenomena of nature, origin and end of creation, animals, plants, sex, gender, fossil fuel, natural laws (both scientific and sociological), human consciousness, human rights, eschatology, recording and retrieving of the human activities, Information Technology, Life Hereafter etc.

Hundreds of the Quranic predictions were proven to be correct by the new insight inventions. The major task of this website is to lead the attention of the viewer on a variety of such scientific insights of the Quran which are pivotal for the development of the modern world.